sustainable hairdressing

As we become more aware of how our personal choices impact our health and the environment, we strive to provide the very best hair care products and salon services to protect you, our team and our planet. We want our clients to feel confident they’re making a positive difference to our planet with every salon visit.

Sustainability is one of three core principles at the heart of our salon. We believe that everything we do should be safe, eco-friendly and sustainable. Since opening in 2017, we’ve transformed a number of our services and business practices to deliver a safe and increasingly sustainable customer experience.

In 2019, we were certified as a sustainable salon by Southampton University’s Eco Hair and Beauty project.

Sustainable Hair Salon in London

Green Salon
Collective Member

In 2021, we joined the Green Salon Collective, an organisation set up to reduce the environmental impact of hairdressing and encourage more eco-friendly practices in our sector.

As a member of the Collective, we’re committed to minimising our impact on the environment by embracing waste and becoming certified Carbon Neutral. All our waste is turned into renewable energy with zero waste going to landfill. To date we have saved 6 tonnes of CO2, planted 6 trees and invested in sustainable community projects in India.

How we minimise our environmental impact?

How we
minimise our environmental impact?

Being an eco-friendly, sustainable salon means we:

What does this mean
for our clients?

A visit to our salon is the high-quality pampering and self-care experience that you and your hair deserve! We add a small £2 Green Fee to every customer’s bill, which covers a contribution towards helping us recycle the unrecyclable so zero waste goes to landfill. Consider it your way of showing your commitment to sustainable hair care practices and reducing your impact on the environment.

If you’d like to learn more about our eco-friendly approach, please ask one of our stylists next time you’re in the salon. It’s one of our favourite subjects to chat about!