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So we have simplified why ammonia is used in hair dyes now we would like to tell you a little bit about ammonia-free hair colouring. How it will benefit you and why we have chosen to use Keune So Pure Natural Balance ammonia-free hair colour. Continue to read to find out more…

What is ammonia-free colour?

Ammonia-free colour is simply a permanent or semi-permanent hair colour that does not contain ammonia. Ammonia is replaced with monoethanolamine or ethanolamine, also known as MEA or ETA, unlike ammonia ethanolamine is a colourless viscous liquid which can still have an odour similar to that of ammonia, though many used in hair colouring and cosmetics are odourless. MEA and ethanolamine may not be as aggressive as ammonia. However, it can still raise the PH of the hair to an exceptionally high level. Like ammonia in hair colouring, it has the ability to lift the cuticles. This is so colour molecules can penetrate the hair shaft, to achieve your desired hair colour when oxidised.

Ammonia is a gas that evaporates. Whereas MEA is a liquid, which stays present on the hair and scalp throughout the colouring process. This is why we rinse the hair thoroughly to remove all colour residue. We also use an after colour shampoo and conditioner. To neutralise the hair and stop oxidation, bringing the hair back to its normal PH balance. Protecting the structure and integrity of the hair as well as increasing the longevity of the colour.

Why choose an ammonia-free colour?

For whatever reason, you have chosen to use ammonia-free colour do understand that all “free-from” products need to have a replacement that acts the same way or similar to the ingredient that has been replaced. Let’s think of food for a moment such as gluten-free, sugar-free, fat-free, dairy-free although it is free from an ingredient that you may not be able to consume or use the process to eliminate or the replacement can be just as bad or damaging – in some cases not all. This is why it is important to check the ingredients or the brand’s ethos to know what you are actually consuming or using and preferably use a brand that has chosen organically sourced farmed or certified ingredients.

I think I am allergic to ammonia, can I use ammonia-free colour instead?

Just because a colour is ammonia-free does not mean you cannot develop an allergic reaction to it as mentioned in our previous blog why ammonia is used in hair dyes the primary cause for an allergic reaction in hair dyes is from an ingredient called PPD or PTD which are colour pigments within the hair dye, sensitivities may occur with the use of any hair dyes especially through hormonal changes such as pregnancy, premenstrual and menopause so skin testing is required before the use of all hair dyes. We know the effects PPD can have in hair dyes, therefore, we have chosen Keune as our hair colour brand for their ammonia and ammonia-free based hair dyes do not contain PPD. Although Keune colours do contain PTD it is 80% less likely to cause an allergic reaction than PPD.

Is ammonia-free hair colour chemical-free?

There are no permanent hair dyes which are completely chemical-free. Chemicals are usually replaced with natural ingredients and natural oils, so it is possible to still react to all-natural or chemical products. Toluene-2,5-diamine sulphate is less aggressive than PPD and is an alternative chemical ingredient that belongs to the family of ingredients from phenylenediamines to activate colour pigments within hair dyes, which are used in ammonia-free hair dyes.

Will it cause damage to my hair?

We need to understand that all chemicals and natural-based products can damage the hair if used incorrectly. As haircare professionals, we will personally not carry out any service that can be damaging to the hair. As hair experts, our job is to care for the hair not to cause damage; so at Cognito Hair, we do precisely that, care for the hair. With saying that if you desire healthy hair you need to invest your time and your finances not just on services like hair colouring, cutting and treatments but by also using the right aftercare products because healthy hair does come at a cost but when you cut corners or simply neglect your hair to rectify damaged hair will come at a greater cost.

When using the correct products hair colouring can be done safely. Using the right aftercare products is equally important. The salon is not the only place to have perfect hair results, this can be continued at home too!

Why we use So Pure Natural Balance ammonia-free colour and how it works!

Keune uses a natural form of ethanolamine in their ammonia-free hair colour, from fatty acids in coconut called cocamide MEA. Certified argan oil; moisturises the hair, with antioxidants vitamin A and E protecting the hair from external influences. Phytokeratin; plant-derived ingredient with natural keratin, penetrates deep into the hair and repairs the hairs natural keratin structure and using coconut as a base gives intense nourishment to the hair and helps protect the scalp against staining. So there you have it!

5 Benefits of using So Pure ammonia-free colour?

Here are five reasons why you should opt for ammonia-free hair colouring:

  1. Ammonia and paraben-free
  2. A mild effective way to colour and lift your hair
  3. Gentle on the hair and scalp, will not stain the scalp
  4. Offers up to 100% grey coverage
  5. Richly fragranced and enhanced with organically certified essential oils

Has this helped? We know this is a lot of information to take in, it’s important to us that you have all the information you need to make the right decision in hair colouring.

Want to speak to one of our hair colouring experts? Pop in and we’ll be happy to help and talk it through with you!… Until next time…


3rd July 2019, by Shareefa

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