Organically Certified Sustainable Hair Care Products

Sustainable Hair Care Products

So Pure Natural Balance hair care products by Keune Cosmetics is an indulgent organically certified range that boasts hair wellness. So much so, that at Cognito Hair, we have chosen it to be our main hair care line. Let’s explore this range a little more… Filled with plant extracts containing natural active ingredients and certified […]

5 ways to take care of Afro hair this season

5 ways to take care of Afro Hair

Moisture is a must this season and every season for afro hair. Here are five ways to take care of your afro hair this season! 1. Keep your hair and scalp hydrated Try using a water-based leave-in conditioner in addition to your styling products. A good leave-in conditioner should be lightweight, this is so you […]

Why Ammonia is Used in Hair Dyes

Why is ammonia in hair dye

Ammonia in hair dye is always a hot topic! The internet can be extremely overwhelming when you want to find information. Especially for those moments of all-important decision making, when it comes to your hair. Hair is a very versatile fibre which consists of many layers, these layers all have an important function and react […]

The Importance of Skin Testing Before a Hair Colour

Importance of skin testing

Why do I need to have a skin test? I have been colouring my hair for years! This is a common statement that we as hair care professionals hear all the time from many new colour clients. If you are reading this blog you may be guilty of actually saying this yourself.   Why do […]

Nanokeratin aftercare products – not just a fancy bottle!

Nanokeratin Revive products

So you must be wondering why we are writing about Nanokeratin aftercare products right? Well, everyone who is anyone has heard about the keratin smoothing treatment. However, Nanokeratin has not just created a treatment. They have created a system that works and requires dedication. A Nanokeratin system is not a quick fix to perfect hair […]

Nanokeratin Reinvent Insulator – what hair dreams are made of…

Nanokeratin reinvent insulator

The Nanokeratin Reinvent Insulator… Okay, what is this stuff and where has it been all my life? Are you always searching for that special something that will give you silkier, shinier and healthier hair? Well, search no more… Nanokeratin has done it again, I have longed for a leave-in conditioner that you can use alone. […]

How often should I visit the Hairdressers?

How often should you visit the salon

How often should I visit the hairdressers? This is a question that I get asked often and to be honest it all depends on the individual. What you are trying to achieve, what service you are getting done and above all, how much you care about your hair. Hair grows depending on how well you […]