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As a hairdresser, the excitement I feel when trying out a new hair product is like a child opening their presents on Christmas day. I can’t wait!

NanoKplex and Bond Fusion offers the best in hair care treatments. The main reason I tried these Bond Repairing Treatments was that my Afro hair was just out of control, especially with the current humidity and with my 3c hair type, humidity = frizz. I would do my hair and leave my house with sleek smooth hair blowing freely in the wind, by the time I got to work at the salon I looked like a Fraggle rock – all smiles and not great hair. Oh dear, this was not the look I was going for, humidity is NOT a girl’s best friend.

First things first, before I try any hair care product, I read up about all the amazing properties and benefits to gain as much knowledge and insight about the product as I can. I then interrogate the supplier (well more like multiple questions – I just feel like an investigator, call me Jane Tennison) – all with you in mind of course, then wait in anticipation to use it. After all, the proof is in the pudding and I have certainly become my own guinea pig – just not the round fluffy type.

Now, my biggest question when trying a new product always is – Does it work? Or are they just trying to entice me with all these wonderful alluring words and beautiful metallic packaging?

So, what is NanoKplex?

NanoKplex uses Pioneer Bio-Technology integrating fresh milk, enabling hair to heal itself during and after all chemical processes back to its normal state.  It is a creator, multiplier, reinforcer and stabiliser of all hair bonds. Emulating the natural hair process, it enables the hair to recuperate itself. This is a 2-stage in-salon hair recuperation service and for you secret healthy hair addicts a 2-stage home care system, your hair becomes instantly healthy, lustrous, silky and manageable. The multitude of benefits to regaining hair perfection is endless. NanoKplex balances moisture on the hair and scalp protects the scalp and closes the cuticles by forming an outer layer to protect the hair. It also restores the elasticity of the hair making the hair and scalp stronger to promote healthy hair growth.

This treatment is simply amazing, one of its kind. It lasted me 5 weeks and I am a keen swimmer and we all know the effects chlorine has on the hair and skin, my hair feels noticeably healthier and stronger. But, they do say all good things must come to an end and this is true, so after the effects of NanoKplex wore off I decided to try our other Bond Repairing Treatment Bond Fusion, here’s what I discovered…

Discovering Bond Fusion

As I open the box in excitement… it’s dark, it’s sleek, it’s mysterious; Bond Fusion rebuilds, strengthens, reduces breakage and restores the elasticity of the hair. There are so many things we do which can compromise the integrity of our hair, this treatment does what it says on the bottle. This protein fusion system creates new bonds and protects the inner structure of the hair, which results in the hair becoming twice as strong. Bond Fusion is deeply nourishing and restores the created bonds by creating a protective seal over the hair shaft to ensure up to 5 times more long-lasting conditioning effect. This is a 1 stage in-salon treatment if used as a standalone and a 2-stage treatment if used throughout a chemical service, you can also benefit from an aftercare Bond Fusion Recharger to prolong the effects of the treatment at home.

So here we go, hair washed, treatment applied and left on a little over the required time – like the entire day over. As I rinsed off the Bond Fusion treatment my hair was noticeably stronger and shinier, it took me just 30mins to blow-dry and straighten my afro hair, it was smooth and sleek with lots of body and movement. The effects of Bond Fusion lasted me weeks, I used the Bond Fusion Recharger weekly as recommended, I didn’t want the feeling of my silky hair to end.


The Bond Repairing Treatments are one of the premium services we offer at Cognito Hair, they are the next generation of hair care treatments which rebuilds the inner structure and strength of the hair that is long-lasting and conditioning. They are suitable and compatible with all hair types – Caucasian hair, Afro hair and Asian hair. Although you can use these treatments during any chemical service, my favourite way to use them are as a standalone treatment so the entire hair can benefit from the healing, rebuilding, strengthening and conditioning process. NanoKplex and Bond Fusion are both amazing treatments, according to your hair care needs our Experts will choose the perfect one for you – so you don’t have to!

Contact us to book your appointment and feel your hair transform.

Let’s all travel on the road to healthy hair together! Until next time…


7th December 2017 by Shareefa

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