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Can you believe it’s been a year? No, neither can we!

It has definitely been an unforgettable journey, so we wanted to celebrate with our friends and family who have been so supportive over these past few years. We even invited our clients to join in with the celebrations as we have built so many wonderful relationships with you all this past year!


Celebratory Decorations

So, we kind of wanted to shake things up a bit and add a little sparkle and character to the salon. They say, “there’s no better way to say it, than with flowers”, so we did precisely that! We embellished the walls with a tasteful array of flowers in all shades of our signature aqua blue, including deeper tones of golds, greys and blues in our cosy basement. We even created a little photo booth for those picture perfect moments adding fun and laughter with some funky props. Now all that is set let the celebrations begin…


A Celebratory Dinner

Did someone say the Ivy Market Grill in Convent Garden? Indeed, they did. Daniella and I put on a frock and jazzed up our hair, DC was looking sharp in his suit jacket so away we went to the Ivy for our celebratory dinner. We ate to our heart’s content, spoke solely about work of course (honestly…) and laughed every time we tried to change the subject as it deviated back.

The ambience at the Ivy was perfect for a celebration, so if you are planning to pay a visit, I highly recommend the Truffle Arancini from the nibbles and if you are a lover of all things chocolate and dessert then the Chocolate Bombe will finish the meal off nicely – delicious!


The Big Shop 

There are two things that you should not combine – and that is me and Daniella with shopping! I don’t know what happens, but we always end up laughing until we cry, making others laugh, someone always tries to take something that belongs to us and we kind of go overboard with our purchases that we cannot even carry them!  Supermarkets are dangerous, our wonderfully organised list went out the window and the “let’s get that just in case” syndrome kicked in, oh dear – whatever did happen to that watermelon?… Daniella!


The Big Day

Yay! It’s finally here, time to celebrate our 1st Year Anniversary!

Although the 16th September is our official anniversary – Saturday 15th September marked the day we celebrated this monumental moment.

There is no celebration without food and we catered for all. With the camera snapping away the photo booth was a big hit! We also had the amazing Sian Hennessy creating beautiful works of art on our arms and faces everyone and anyone (men included) got glitzed and embellished. As laughter filled the atmosphere it was a celebration to remember!

As this joyous occasion came to an end, we continue to be filled with the joy and happy memories of the day. A big thank you to everyone who has made this day possible and helped us get this far. Here is to many more eventful and purposeful years!

Check out some of the photos from the day here!

Hey, it’s not over yet! There are just a few more things we would like to highlight…


Our Number 1 Client

A big thank you to Leanne who has been crowned our number one client of the year, we managed to get a sneaky pic with her before the big reveal. Thank you for your continued support it is always a pleasure to see you and we cannot wait to give you your gifts!


Giving is Achieving

They say “it’s better to give than to receive”, as you may know at Cognito Hair we just love to give! We are so pleased to announce that we have given away £7,365 to our clients and by supporting local events within the community. We hope our giving grows throughout the years to impact lives and communities around us!


Our New Pledge

We aspire to be an eco-friendly salon, so we are always thinking of new ways to protect our environment. So far we have eco-friendly organically certified products and eco-friendly biodegradable towels. Our new pledge for this new year in business is to use eco-friendly cleaning products. We have chosen Method as a cleaning product brand as we like their ethos and what they stand for! Not only are their products eco-friendly, environmentally friendly and plant-based (which means non-toxic ingredients), like us they want to be authentic and transparent in all that they do. We really hope these small steps and practices make a difference to the environment we live in.

Want to know what else we have been up to this past year? Make sure you check out our 5 most memorable moments… Until next time…


10th October by Shareefa

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