How to Protect Coloured Hair and Prevent Colour Fade

Protect Coloured Hair

Time and time again as colour specialists we are asked; how can I protect my coloured hair? Or, how can I prevent my colour from fading?

Well, it’s no mystery, honest. The application of these 2 simple steps will make all the difference.

Regular visits to the salon

Work together with your hairdresser to create routine salon visits. Regular visits to the salon are essential in the prevention of colour fade. There are so many influencing factors that contribute to colour fade. This can be the seasonal change in weather, environmental sources, heat appliances, hard water, mineral build-up and chlorine; just to name a few. Some are avoidable and others not so much, this is why regular visits to the salon can help protect coloured hair.

Naturally, visits to the salon all depend on your colour; whether you have blonde, brunette or red hair. Or, whether you have an all-over colour or highlights. Typically, visits to the salon should range from 6 to 10 weeks for colour. Colours like Balayage can extend to 12 – 16 weeks, however, a visit in between for a toner to prevent your colour from fading or going brassy is a must! A Bond Repairing Treatment is also essential to prevent your colour from fading and to keep your hair in optimum condition and protect coloured hair.

Aftercare designed perfectly for coloured hair

Using the right aftercare products is the next step to preventing colour fade and protecting coloured hair. We supply a wide range of organically certified products that are sulphate and paraben-free, and they are all safe to use on coloured hair. They have a PH balance of 4.5 to 5.5 which will help regulate the hair and scalp, preventing further oxidation after a colour service. Using a leave-in conditioner that triples as a heat protector and UV ray protector is a must to protect your hair all year round.

So Pure Colour Care range is a shampoo, conditioner and leave-in spray designed perfectly for coloured hair, with an exquisite oriental and warming aroma. Jasmin and sandalwood are the essential oils used in the colour care range. These essential oils are also used in, and to complement, the So Pure ammonia-free hair colour range. This power trio helps protect coloured hair from fading with sunflower seed extract protecting against UV rays.

Jasmin and sandalwood restore the moisture balance of the hair and scalp, jasmin moisturises and strengthens the hair from the root, nourishing dry and brittle hair whilst balancing the hair and scalp. Sandalwood not only reduces inflammation and nourishes the hair, but it is also a known stimulant for hair growth.

Who said it’s all about hair?

Did you know that jasmin oil is a natural antidepressant? It brings calm and balance whilst moisturising your coloured locks. Sandalwood oil is also a known moisturiser, whilst reducing inflammation it will add an extra bit of calm and harmony.

So not only will this range protect your coloured hair and prevent fading, but you will also experience aromatherapy benefits from every use.

It’s time to take the steps to beautiful, healthy coloured hair with a bit of self-care… Until next time…


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