Keune So Pure Sustainable Hair Care Products

So Pure products in bathroom

The new Keune So Pure hair care range has finally landed and it’s starring the mighty Sugar Beet. Keune has streamlined the original So Pure range, creating hair solutions which deliver maximum hair results with minimum impact on the environment.

So Pure have been carefully designed by using ingredients that have been sustainably sourced or repurposed from waste streams. In which they have sourced the Sugar Beet, the So Pure lines key ingredient. The key benefits from the Sugar Beet are stronger, fuller, and more manageable hair. The hair will become increasingly nourished, resulting to softer and glossier hair.

The Sugar Beet also acts as an anti-pollutant, protecting the hair against hard water removing calcium and unwanted mineral deposits. Meaning your hair colour will also have longer lasting effects.

The range consists of four hair solutions. So, let’s find out more and talk about other key ingredients, which we must add are all powerful antioxidants.

Keune So Pure Cool

This is the powerhouse of Purple Shampoo’s. Keune So Pure Cool shampoo and conditioner is perfect for blondes, Gray hair, and those embracing all different shades of silver tones. Infused with Acai Berry, a natural antioxidant, cool helps to protect the hair from oxidation. Preventing colour fading, eliminating brassiness, leaving the hair soft, moisturised, and glowing.

So Pure Restore

Have you ever tried a Prickly Pear? Well, we’ve heard it’s delicious. Keune So Pure Restore key ingredient is the Prickly Pear and word has it, it’s a non-negotiable for those with thirsty hair. Restore products will deeply hydrate the hair from the inside out which means it’s perfect for dry or damaged hair. There are very few products that penetrate the hair shaft, so this is automatically a winner!

Keune So Pure Polish

Is your frizzy hair a bane of your existence? Unfortunately, the elements and environmental pollutants are not that kind to the hair. Polish is the saviour for frizz-prone hair, packed with omega-3 fatty acids, protein, essential amino acids, and minerals Polish will improve the health of your hair. Boosting elasticity, moisture, shine and the strength of the hair protecting the hair against environmental damage and UV exposure. So, whether your hair is curly, straight, thick or textured Keune So Pure Polish will help shield your hair against humidity giving you a smoother, sleeker, defined look.

So Pure Clarify

We all get that unwanted build up on our hair from time to time, so it’s so important to clarify your hair and scalp. With Keune So Pure Clarify, you are now able to do this the gentle way. Pomegranate is known for its detoxifying properties which helps remove dirt and product build-up. An anti-pollution complex moisturises, shields, and protects against pollution.

All products within Keune So Pure have active plant ingredients with a gentle relaxing smell of white tea and fig across the entire range which is suitable for those with sensitive skin. Find out more here!

Let us take you on your haircare journey to beautiful healthy hair… Until next time…


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