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We’ve got to admit, traditionally hairdressing hasn’t had the best relationship with the environment. From issues surrounding water and energy consumption to the use of harmful chemicals and unethical products and practices, hair salons have certainly had a hard time! But since we’re now more aware of how our hair care choices are impacting the world around us, we think it’s time that hairdressing played its part in helping save the environment!

Here are three ways we’ve decided that our little hair salon can help save the environment…

  1. Reducing Energy Consumption

We’ve discovered that the most effective way of reducing our energy consumption is by cutting off the energy needed to maintain salon towels because without a doubt, washing and drying towels as much as any hair salon needs to, leaves a big carbon footprint in the environment. So, how have we managed to reduce the energy needed to supply soft, luxurious, fresh and clean salon towels?! We’ve joined the Scrummi revolution! Scrummi uses 100% biodegradable, natural, recycled single-use towels which means we don’t need to worry about using any energy to supply our salon towels!

  1. Getting Rid of Unfriendly Cosmetic Ingredients

One way we want to positively impact the lives of all the wonderful people around us is by ensuring that we’re providing them with the friendliest products possible – that’s why so many of our products are sulphate and paraben free! “But sulphate free shampoos just don’t clean my hair,” I hear you say? Not to mention, sulphate free products may conjure up images of limp and greasy hair! So, how are we able to tackle some of these issues? Our main product line, So Pure, works off a balance of natural and cosmetic ingredients, replacing unfriendly cosmetic ingredients with natural alternatives wherever needed, yet still able to produce high-performance professional results – which means we don’t need to compromise your well-being to achieve desired results!

  1. Using Ethical Products

We believe that another important step in saving the environment is taken by trying to ensure as much of our product packaging as possible is sustainable, which is why many of the product companies we choose to work with use materials that are 100% recyclable. But doesn’t using eco-friendly packaging mean that products are more expensive? We’re relieved to say that the answer is no and that compared to many other professional hair care products, our product line is comparatively more affordable – which is great news because it means saving the environment is achievable and affordable!

We hope that this has given you a small glimpse of how hairdressing can take small steps to help take care of the world around us because small steps often have big impacts!

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10th May 2018 by Daniella

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