Hello from Cognito Hair!

If you’re reading our blog you might be wondering, who’s behind the posts? The truth is we’re just two good friends, Daniella and Shareefa, who have recently co-founded a hairdressers in Earlsfield. Our aim is to innovate the in-salon experience and put a smile on all our clients’ faces!

To celebrate our opening and to say hello to Earlsfield we decided to give away free haircuts all day on the day we launched. We had a good time, accompanied by cake, some bubbly, and lots of laughs! It was a pleasure to celebrate with our friends and family who have supported us all the way, and of course get to know the locals. I have to say, we’re so excited to be a part of the Earlsfield community – it’s trendy and it’s friendly!

For the most part, this blog will be ourselves and our team of Hair Care Experts blogging about hair tips, tricks, and trends that will give you a wealth of knowledge to help transform your hair.

We hope to inspire you by teaching you about all things hair in fun, simple and easy ways!


19th September, 2017 by Daniella and Shareefa

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