Reinvent insulator bottle

The Nanokeratin Reinvent Insulator… Okay, what is this stuff and where has it been all my life?

Are you always searching for that special something that will give you silkier, shinier and healthier hair? Well, search no more… Nanokeratin has done it again, I have longed for a leave-in conditioner that you can use alone. Without having to use a range of assorted products to get my desired look or tame unruly hair. Ladies, this is it, what hair dreams are made of…

The Reinvent Insulator forms a layer to construct the outer foundation of the hair. Suitable for all hair types, it insulates the hair protecting it against damaging environmental sources. Such as humidity, salty water and UV rays. It also provides anti-dryness protection under heat providing more elasticity. It not only helps speed up your drying time, but it also enhances shine, detangles and reduces friction between hair strands for freedom of movement. Which means beautifully flowing healthy hair.

My afro hair is prone to breakage, I have a mass of hair, but it is fine and fragile. It does not like a lot of heat, it does not like a lot of product – simply, it has a mind of its own. So, the fact that the Reinvent insulator reduces breakage by 80% is just music to my ears and honey to my hair. With a creamy weightless texture which smells so good, I can lavish my hair with it and my hair will not feel limp or greasy. In fact, my hair is silkier and shinier then it has ever been, and I get so many compliments. I just love this stuff!

As part of the NanoSmooth Pure range, the Reinvent Insulator is designed to prolong the effects of the Nanokeratin Smoothing treatments. Without a shadow of a doubt, it works and is worth every penny. I cannot get enough of this product. I have never experienced a product that makes your hair feel even better as the days go on. It has helped balance my hair’s moisture, improve its elasticity, increase hydration and repair any damage caused to my hair by over styling; as well as supporting and protecting its structure, my hair just feels so healthy.

On your next visit to the hair salon ask about this amazing smoothing cream. We will be happy to use it on your hair throughout your service. So you too can join us in experiencing perfect hair results!

I can’t wait to beautify your hair ladies… Until next time…


11th December 2018 by Shareefa

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