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At Cognito Hair we only want the very best for our clients, so that’s why we try and test all the products we use. Recently, I tried the NanoKplex Bond Repairing Treatment and I must admit my hair looks so shiny and feels so smooth! My hair has never been so healthy!

So, what is a NanoKplex Bond Repairing Treatment?

The NanoKplex System is an in-salon service which works to repair damaged hair after harsh chemical services by linking bonds back together. This treatment enables the hair to heal itself and restores hair back to its natural state. A NanoKplex Bond Repairing Treatment is suitable for anyone who’s hair has been damaged by chemical services such as colouring, bleaching, highlighting, chemical straightening, and chemical permanent curling. I regularly colour my hair so I often need a treatment to revive some life back into my locks!

Not only does the NanoKplex System leave the hair looking great, but it’s an intriguing treatment! The step by step process involves treating the hair with milk – yes, actual milk on your hair! Of course, milk is rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins which are essential for building hair. Cleopatra, the ancient Queen of Egypt, is well known to have bathed in milk to preserve her beauty… she certainly had the right idea because my hair looks and feels beautiful. This Bond Repairing Treatment uses the best of nature to boost the health and shine of hair!

I personally couldn’t recommend the NanoKplex enough, I’ve tried many repairing treatments over the years and this one is by far the best. Overall, my hair is soft, shiny, smooth and healthy! It’s like running my fingers through silk! What’s more, the NanoKplex Bond Repairing Treatment is light – my hair didn’t feel heavy with product and my naturally frizzy hair has been smoother despite the weather humidity.

Again, I couldn’t recommend this Bond Repairing Treatment enough because it’s an amazing salon service and the results just blew me away – I feel like I have the happiest hair in Earlsfield!

For more information about NanoKplex check out the links I’ve left below.



23rd October 2017, Daniella

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