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Revive, refine and replenish your hair with the NanoSmooth Pure by Nanokeratin System for soft smoothing or complete straightening. The NanoSmooth Pure System works by sealing natural nourishing nutrients into the hair fibre. Enabling the hair to become nourished from roots to tips!

This system also forms an outer layer of protection that insulates the hair fibre. Protecting the hair from damage against environmental sources such as humidity, salty water, and UV rays. By emulating the hairs natural healing process, NanoSmooth Pure enables the hair to recuperate itself from the inside out.

NanoSmooth Pure is formaldehyde-free, aldehyde-free and releases no chemical off-gases. Check out some of our most frequently asked questions by clicking here.

*Please allow at least 3hrs for this treatment.



  • Short Hair above shoulders         From £180
  • Shoulders to mid-length Hair       From £200
  • Long Hair                                     From £220


What we recommend…

We recommend that you visit us at the salon for a complimentary consultation. That way together we can choose the best Nanokeratin System for you. Nanokeratin is a bespoke service and we carry out this service unique to your hair type and needs.

When having the NanoSmooth Pure treatment we advise that you have your colour and cut 4 – 7 days after the service, this is to prevent colour fade and to make sure the keratin has worked deeply in the hair.

The Nanokeratin Blow Dry lasts between 12-16 weeks, it is a full system so to benefit fully from this amazing treatment, remember not to leave the salon without the recommended aftercare products!

They are enriched with natural premium ingredients to provide long-term protection to the hair, with all the benefits of the treatment itself packed into a shampoo and mask. Oh, and don’t forget the Reinvent Insulator for extra protection against damaging environmental sources!

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