Sustainability Reports

At Cognito Hair we believe that sustainability is not just a practice, but a mindset. When you develop achievable sustainable practices in all areas of your life and business, it will also encourage and inspire others to do likewise.

Sustainability is one of our three core pillars. When you build on the right foundation there will always be growth and impact. This is why we believe sustainability should be on the top of every business owner’s agenda so we are able to make a lasting impact on all those within our communities. Whether that will be client’s, employees or other businesses aspiring to become more sustainable.

Creating sustainable practices and standards naturally adds value to your business and everyone you are able to serve through this platform. At Cognito Hair we strive to use our business to do good for the world, we can all do our part in protecting our environment.  We believe in showing transparency in all our business affairs, developing sustainable solutions which are simple yet achievable. Ensuring that all we do does not cause harm to ourselves, others and the planet.

We want to leave a positive impact on all who know us, therefore we have committed to publishing an annual sustainability report working alongside professors from Southampton university. We will also be reporting on other sustainable practices and projects so you can experience our sustainable journey with us.



Cognito Hair Annual Sustainability Report 2023

Coming soon

Cognito Hair Annual Sustainability Report 2024

Coming soon