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One would say that Daniella and I are the perfect partnership as hair salon co-owners as we both have completely different hair which means we both have different hair care needs. The very fact we try and test all our products before we use them on our clients, we are the perfect duo. I have Afro hair with many different curl patterns and textures, which many seem to love but on the best of days, it still refuses to behave itself or do what I want it to do. Sound familiar? Most of the time I result in tying it up with one of my 2-minute up-dos, so I look somewhat presentable. Although we are both mixed with Asian, Daniella has very thick wavy hair that grows like wildfire, very much European but with many Asian traits. Both of our hair does NOT like the humidity I mean whose does?

Okay, so I said all of that to lead me to say this, although Syntonics Botanical hair care range is designed for those with Afro hair in mind, it is very much suitable for Caucasian hair which has wavy or curly textures. Enriched with botanical ingredients to sooth the hair and scalp the Syntonics range are salon professional products, they are designed to be used on natural and relaxed afro hair.

Botanical Strengthening Serum Leave-in Conditioner

With Aloe Vera, Calendula, Green Tea and Fruit Extract this serum gives a weightless finish on Afro hair. Excellent for blow drying it protects the scalp and hair from thermal appliances adding moisture. It strengthens hair significantly with continued use, it has a silky texture and smells like creamy Murray mints – yum! Massage into your hair and scalp for added protection and to experience a cool tingly sensation before you blow dry.

Botanical High Sheen Spray Laminate

This is it ladies, the humidity buster! In all seasons humidity is not a girl’s best friend, therefore I love to use this laminate spray all year round. You can spray it on wet or dry hair and it will provide high shine whilst guarding against humidity, it protects against thermal appliance and UV damage seals hair cuticles and minimises moisture loss, great when used alongside Botanical Strengthening Serum.

Botanical Spritz and Shine

Now this little secret weapon came as a total surprise to me, I have used Syntonics for the past 6 years and with shame I simply turned my nose up at this product as I only saw it used on sets, so I didn’t really think it could be used for anything else – I couldn’t be so wrong! With Green Tea and calendula Botanical Spritz and Shine delivers soft-to-medium hold for styling control and versatility and provides an instant sheen. It is ideal to use prior to using heat appliances, Botanical Spritz and Shine works great whilst smoothing or curling the hair to style, spritz again after for extra hold and instant shine and great smelling hair – amazing!

Visit Syntonics global for more information on the range and check out the services we offer for afro hair.

That’s it from me ladies, until next time…


23rd November 2017, by Shareefa

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