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Last March, in line with International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day, we chose to celebrate women all month long by running a prize draw competition honouring, commending and recognising those ever so special and inspiring women in our local community! However, due to the sudden developments with the Covid-19 outbreak we decided to extend this celebration and announce the lucky winners of the prize draw in, hopefully, a slightly less stressful moment… we do hope everyone in our local community has been keeping safe during this time and that things will be able to turn back to normal soon.

The theme of International Women’s Day this year was: ‘each for equal’, which resonates with us as we’re firm believers and advocates of promoting diversity in the hair and beauty industry. And because people and relationships are one of our core values at Cognito Hair, we thought we’d help you get to know the team even better by sharing our thoughts on womanhood with you.  To do this, we asked each member of the team to discuss why celebrating womanhood is important to them…


“I believe in the importance of not just the women I know but in ALL women past & present. Women are a powerful yet wonderful creation. Throughout history women have shown bravery, intelligence, creativity, life creating changes to the world. Este Lauder ounce said “I didn’t get there by wishing it or hoping for it, but I worked for it!” Another inspiration by Aung San Suu Kyi “You should never let your fears prevent you from doing what you know is right!” The quotes are endless but the messages behind each one is that equality should not be judged by gender but by merit.”


“Every woman who has ever lived has been created as a distinct individual. Yet despite the differences we might observe, every single woman is of infinite value and worth – regardless of her history, background and social dividing lines. I think every woman represents the diverse character and creativity of One greater than themselves, to me this is a beautiful spectacle.

Throughout history there have been so many incredible women who have used their unique character, capabilities and gifts to contribute towards the flourishing of societies – families, enterprises, communities, economies and culture all benefit because of women! Sadly, the dignity of women and the impact that they have in this world isn’t always recognised and honoured. So, for me it’s really important to celebrate that women everywhere, and throughout all the ages have been crafted together in such a way that we’ve been given the power to impact the whole world…”


“There’s something so captivating about a woman; we’re loved, we’re cherished, we’re valued and highly respected – we’re all heroines in our own right! So why are we still fighting for equality? As women we’re able to fulfil a variety of roles, so why are we questioning our role in society? A society which is full of prejudices, discrimination and cultural influences. The world as we know it has such a shallow value system, how can we become beacons of light in an ever-changing, broken society? What can we do to accelerate woman’s equality?

Let’s thank and reflect on the women in history who have paved the way. It takes one voice to shout loud enough to create a movement. One woman’s voice influenced change but it takes women to be unified to fight the cause. We need to continue to fight for what we believe, and for those who do not have a voice – who continue to be silenced!

Our fight for equality may be a never-ending battle, but let us continue to have faith and believe that as women we can make a difference, knowing we’re able to live dynamic and exciting lives as hope emerges. We hold such extraordinary strength; this means we can continue to live sacrificially without being burdened. We may not always see the impact we make in the lives of others, but it will be evident in the hearts of those individuals our love, kindness and sacrifices have impacted.

I believe there’s so much power in love and unity; let’s continue to be strong and courageous, full of gratitude, compassionate, graceful, committed and understanding – going to great lengths to help others. Let’s be generous and giving in all our ways and never lose the power to influence!”

We hope you enjoyed reading this post and getting to know the team a little bit better! To find out more about our prize draw and who the lucky winners were, visit our Instagram page.


2nd May 2020 by Daniella

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