NanoSmooth Pure – A hair smoothing system that combines science, health and beauty

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Are you a part of the frizzy hair club and want to kiss your frizzy hair goodbye? I feel your frustration! I hung up that cloak a long time ago by embracing fearlessly the Nanokeratin Smoothing System. Yes, I have been converted!

So, I am happy to announce that Nanokeratin has finally released a smoothing system which contains 0% Formaldehyde and 0% Aldehyde. It is an advanced innovative series for a safe bond reformation. Which is so versatile that you can use it for soft hair smoothing and complete hair straightening.

So, how does it work?

NanoSmooth Pure is an in-salon smoothing treatment, with results on the same day. It compromises highly substantive particles performing enzymes alike affinity to hair structure to construct the inner and outer foundation of the hair. What does that mean, did you say? Well, simply put just like biological enzymes. The Nanokeratin system has created enzymes to mimic the hairs natural healing process. It allows the hair to heal itself, retrieving it back to its natural state – amazing huh!

This recuperation process intensifies the hairs natural shine and colour vibrancy, taming and controlling frizzy and unruly hair. It encourages hair growth, allowing the hair to grow long by actively pulsating the scalp for enhanced blood flow. With the unique biomimetic technology, the hair can recuperate and heal itself from the inside out. This is so much more than a smoothing treatment – it’s hair innovation at its best! We are proud to be a Nanokeratin Certified Salon.

At Cognito Hair we love the NanoSmooth Pure treatment so much, we wanted to shout it from the rooftops! Therefore, we decided to run an exclusive competition for our Facebook followers, in conjunction with the Nanokeratin System. We gave away 5 FREE treatments to those who told us why they should be the lucky winner and for all who entered we gave away £50 worth of vouchers to use on their next NanoSmooth Pure treatment for joining in on the fun!

We would like to thank all who entered and gave us a right little giggle on why they should win, we would also like to say CONGRATULATIONS To our lucky winners – we look forward to seeing you soon at the salon and transforming your hair!

Want to book in for your Nanokeratin Smoothing Treatment? Contact us or call the salon for more details.

It’s time to love your hair again ladies… Until Next time…


1st December 2017 by Shareefa


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