Organically Certified Sustainable Hair Care Products

Sustainable Hair Care Products

So Pure Natural Balance hair care products by Keune Cosmetics is an indulgent organically certified range that boasts hair wellness. So much so, that at Cognito Hair, we have chosen it to be our main hair care line.

Let’s explore this range a little more…

Filled with plant extracts containing natural active ingredients and certified essential oils. The So Pure range is designed to not only create an aromatic experience but you will also reap the benefits from their healing properties for healthier hair and scalp.

Every product within the range; whether shampoo, conditioner or styling contains certified organic argan oil. Enriching every product for added moisture, protection and shine. Keune has sourced this argan oil from the Atlas mountains in Morocco. Also known for its moisturising effects it also fights scalp ageing. Containing a high concentration of vitamin A and E, it will strengthen the hair and scalp from roots to tips.

Sulphate* and Paraben Free

Free from parabens, sulphates *(Shampoos), ammonia (colour), artificial fragrances and animal-derived ingredients; means they are vegan friendly too! For the shampoos to be sulphate free the base ingredients for the surfactant are Guar gum, palm kernel (sourced ecologically) and coconut oil.

All shampoos and conditioners are safe to use on colour treated hair. They are designed to make the hair and scalp progressively better. This means with continued use you will be on a journey to healthier, shinier more manageable hair.

Categories within the range

Keune So Pure hair care products are suitable for Afro and European hair types. You’re simply spoilt for choice with this range because all products are interchangeable. You can mix and match to suit your hair needs. We have Moisturizing, Colour Care, Recover, Volumizing, Energizing, Calming, Exfoliating, Cooling, styling and Moroccan Argan oil both original and light which can be used on your hair and skin.

The key to healthy hair is balance

All hair care products within the So Pure range contains certified organic  Argan oil with Vitamin A and E to help strengthen the hair and scalp. With every product, you will reap aromatherapy benefits from the organically certified essential oils used. All shampoos and conditioners are designed to balance the hair and scalp with a PH balance of 4 – 5.5.

Styling can be sustainable too

So Pure organic styling range also contains organic argan oil with a gentle aroma of Palmarosa and orange oil. The styling hair care products consist of leave-in conditioners, air foam mousse, curl enhancer, texture spray, moulding mud, star shaper and modulation gel. A small range with a lot of versatility.

We hope you enjoyed the insight into why we have chosen So Pure Organic Hair Care Products as our main product line. Do look out for up and coming blogs, where we will go a little more in-depth with further benefits and how to get the best out of this product line for your hair… Until next time…



6th April 2021, by Shareefa


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