What is the Nanokeratin Treatment?

The Nanokeratin treatment is a smoothing and Straightening System which reforms the hair structure enabling it to recuperates itself from the inside out. This is done by mimicking the hairs natural healing process forming an outer layer of protection sealing the cuticles whilst intensifying the hairs natural shine.

This treatment uses amino acids and enzymes to reconstruct the hair. NanoSmooth Pure contains no formaldehyde, aldehyde and releases no chemical gases.


How long does a Nanokeratin Treatment last?

A Nanokeratin smoothing and Straightening treatment typically lasts between 12 to 16 weeks. Providing you use the right aftercare products.


Is the Nanokeratin treatment good for the hair?

Absolutely, when this system is carried out by licensed professionals it will transform your hair!

Cognito Hair are Licensed professionals and our Nanokeratin Specialist have extensive knowledge and experience with this system.


Will the Nanokeratin Treatment damage the hair?

The Nanokeratin system itself will not cause any damage to the hair. It is designed to strengthen, repair and reconstruct the hair. The Nanokeratin cannot repair hair that is already damaged, therefore it can highlight any area of the hair that is past the stage of repair. In such a case the Nanokeratin specialist will not carry out this service and will recommend other alternatives to repair your hair in preparation for the Keratin in the future.


When can I wash my hair after the Nanokeratin Treatment?

Immediately, the NanoSmooth Pure is a same day, straight and smoothing system. This means the treatment is washed out in-salon unless stated otherwise by the specialist.


Will my hair be straight after the Nanokeratin Treatment?

The NanoSmooth Pure is a bespoke treatment, if you want your hair completely straight then the system can achieve this. If you do not want your hair completely straight you have the opportunity to discuss your desired results with the Nanokeratin specialist.


Can I colour my hair on the same day as a Nanokeratin treatment?

Unfortunately not. We recommend that you have your colour 4 to 7 days after the treatment has been carried out.


Can the Nanokeratin treatment be applied to chemically treated hair?

Yes, it can! This can be discussed upon consultation prior to the treatment.


Can the treatment be used on children?

Although the system is safe to use on children, due to the upkeep, we do not recommend this treatment for children. This treatment should only be carried out on those who are capable of following a personal hair care regime.


Can I use any hair products after the treatment?

The Nanokeratin treatment is a system, which means their Shampoos and Masks, as well as leave-in conditioners, work in synergy with the system. Using any shampoos or conditions will comprise the treatment, longevity and results. You can use additional styling products such as heat protectants or light oils.


Is the treatment suitable for all hair types?

Yes, the Nanokeratin will give excellent results on all hair types.


Is the Nanokeratin formaldehyde free?

Yes, the NanoSmooth Pure by Nanokeratin are formaldehyde and aldehyde free and do not release any chemical gases.


What to expect from your first Nanokeratin treatment?

Hair that is; smoother, frizz-free, more manageable, easier to blow-dry, softer, shinier and just awesome!


How often should I have the Nanokeratin Treatment?

The treatment lasts 12 to 16 weeks, after your first keratin we advise that you have your next keratin at the 12-week marker. This way we can guarantee that the keratin is active and sealed into the hair for longer-lasting results. A treatment plan can then be discussed with the specialist moving forward.


Will my hair lose volume after the Nanokeratin Treatment?

Not at all, you will still have luscious voluminous hair after you received the treatment.


How do I look after my hair after having the treatment?

A personal hair care regime will be given to you by the Nanokeratin specialist depending on your hair care needs and lifestyle.


Can I use the Nanokeratin when transitioning from a relaxer to natural hair?

Yes! This is a brilliant way to transition from a relaxer to natural hair. The Keratin will prevent excessive breakage and shedding and protect the hair from shattering. Discuss your personal journey with your Nanokeratin specialist!

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