Keune So Pure Sustainable Hair Care Products

So Pure products in bathroom

The new Keune So Pure hair care range has finally landed and it’s starring the mighty Sugar Beet. Keune has streamlined the original So Pure range, creating hair solutions which deliver maximum hair results with minimum impact on the environment. So Pure have been carefully designed by using ingredients that have been sustainably sourced or […]

Ammonia Free Hair Colour with a Natural Balance

Ammonia Free Colour with Keune

So we have simplified why ammonia is used in hair dyes now we would like to tell you a little bit about ammonia-free hair colouring. How it will benefit you and why we have chosen to use Keune So Pure Natural Balance ammonia-free hair colour. Continue to read to find out more… What is ammonia-free colour? Ammonia-free […]

Nanokeratin Refortify for Afro Hair

Use nanokeratin refortify for Afro hair

Have you asked these questions, when exploring Nanokeratin for afro hair? Is the Nanokeratin suitable for afro hair? Are you sure it will work on my curly, textured, afro hair type? But, would it damage my hair? I have heard that the Nanokeratin is not good for afro hair? Or, maybe you have made these […]

5 ways to take care of Afro hair this season

5 ways to take care of Afro Hair

Moisture is a must this season and every season for afro hair. Here are five ways to take care of your afro hair this season! 1. Keep your hair and scalp hydrated Try using a water-based leave-in conditioner in addition to your styling products. A good leave-in conditioner should be lightweight, this is so you […]