Nanokeratin aftercare products – not just a fancy bottle!

Nanokeratin Revive products

So you must be wondering why we are writing about Nanokeratin aftercare products right?

Well, everyone who is anyone has heard about the keratin smoothing treatment. However, Nanokeratin has not just created a treatment. They have created a system that works and requires dedication. A Nanokeratin system is not a quick fix to perfect hair it’s a new way to regain hair perfection!

This means being a system it has a process and this process is not complete without using the Nanokeratin aftercare products designed to work together within this system, it is all part of the framework. So I am here to tell you why it is so important to use the home care range and the benefits of using them!

NanoPure Shampoo

The shampoo gently cleanses and balances the hair and scalp. Maintains the natural PH balance and helps improve the general health and elasticity of the hair. Increased moisture levels help prevent the hair from becoming static and frizzy.

But It does not lather! Well, shampoo does not need to lather to cleanse the hair and scalp. NanoPure shampoos have a minimal amount of lather and as all shampoos, it will lather more on the second wash. The key is to add more water not shampoo!

NanoPure Mask

The mask has natural nourishing nutrients which strengthen the hair fibres and actively encourages hair growth. It also protects the hair by forming an outer layer to construct the foundation. This additional layer also insulates the hair fibre. Protecting the hair against damaging environmental sources such as; humidity, saltwater and UV rays.

After washing, leave the mask on for 5 -7 mins. Comb through from roots to tips this is to ensure that the mask deeply penetrates the hair.

NanoPure Reinvent Insulator

If you have read our previous blog Reinvent Insulator – what hair dreams are made of… you would know that I absolutely love this product. And because I actively use it myself, I know that it 100% works. Working similarly to the mask it insulates the hair. With heat protection, humidity-proof and frizz control, it will speed up drying time. Making the hair more manageable whilst intensifying the shine and colour vibrancy.

What the Experts Say…

The experts say consecutive usage of the Nanokeratin aftercare products regains hair perfection as a standalone service and as a complementary service to prolong the effects of the Nanokeratin Smoothing System. So I spoke to one of the Educators of Nanokeratin Jimmy Campbell and our wonderful informative Rep Honor to hear their views on these amazing products and this is what they said…


Everything we do is factual and much of that is to do with the science and make-up of the hair. All our products complement one another, they need to be used together so over a period of time the hair will gain the true benefits of the system. Most keratins that have been created, can be used alongside any other aftercare brand. As long as they were SLS free. This is not the case with the Nanokeratin system. They were designed to be used in relation to one another and it is that simple”

Jimmy Campbell


“The importance of using the aftercare products… I would say they all work in synergy to create a longer-lasting result and keep the hair in optimum condition if you are not using the correct products we can’t always guarantee that that would be the case”



So you have heard it from us professionals, the Nanokeratin aftercare products are essential to maintaining the effects of the Nanokeratin treatment for perfect hair results that last! If you would like any further information about the treatment itself, check out the Nanokeratin page or come and visit us at the salon, our Hair Experts are always happy to help with any query… Until next time…


8th February, 2019 by Shareefa


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